Join Our Staking Payment System

NX Coin is a digital payment tool that brings a revolution for the Cryptocurrency market.


NXCoin will make sure that every transaction are done with confirmation of many servers hosted around the world


Protect your financial data, any balances and transaction done with NXCoin are private.

Low Fee

NXCoin the transaction will not involve Banks or any third parties in between, therefore there will be no additional fees or administration charges.

What is NXCoin

Developed by PT. Nexadata Teknologi (est 2013) who has been in IT industry and providing network solutions for acclaimed companies both local and international.
NXCoin will adopt Staking concept. Staking achieves the same effect of mining (distributed consensus) without the need for expending exorbitant amounts of computing power and energy.


ICO - Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a means that is used to raise funds for a cryptocurrency venture. This ICO is used by startups to encircle complicatedly regulated process of capital rising required by banks or venture capitalists.

How it works?

An ICO will be used by the startup companies to raise funds by offering interest of a newly issued cryptocurrency at a reduced price. This offer will give you, investors, and an opportunity to enjoy more values of the cyptocurrency’s gains in the future with a low rate in initial investments.

Round 1

200,000 Coins for $1.1
(Max 500 Coins /Account)
Round 2

200,000 Coins for $1.2
(Max 500 Coins /Account)
Round 3

200,000 Coins for $1.3
(Max 500 Coins /Account)
Round 4

200,000 Coins for $1.4
(Max 500 Coins /Account)
Round 5

200.000 Coins for $1.5
(Max 500 Coins /Account)
Round 6

200,000 Coins for $1.6
(Max 500 Coins /Account)
Round 7

200,000 Coins for $1.7
(Max 500 Coins /Account)
Round 8

200,000 Coins for $1.8
(Max 500 Coins /Account)
Round 9

200,000 Coins for $1.9
(Max 500 Coins /Account)
Round 10

200.000 Coins for $2
(Max 500 Coins /Account)

Coin Overview

10,000,000 NXCC


Following NXCoin Deadline

April, 2018

NXCoin Presale

May, 2018


July, 2018

Open Staking , Mining & Internal Market

August, 2018

Mobile Apps Development (Android & IOS)

November, 2018

Open External Market

December, 2018

Coin Market Cap Listing

January, 2019

Payment Gateway Implementation & Global Promotion Event

Febuary, 2019

Security Improvement


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